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Real Life Case Studies

The HydraBarrier is utilised in many different ways. Here are just some of the many applications as sent in by our customers. Feedback is very welcome from you so that we can share how you are using our products.

Surface Water

“My house is newly built but when it rains heavily or for a long time the water runs down my driveway which is on a slope and gathers outside my front door and sometimes even enters the house. I considered getting sandbags, but they were just not practical as I have nowhere to keep them. Then I saw a leaflet showing HydraBarrier and decided to purchase a six-footer.  I placed one to block off the front door area and I have bought two more so I can channel the water that runs down the drive into a drain at the side of the driveway.”

“I bought a HydraBaHydraBarrier in Real Liferrier as I always seem to get water under the garage door when there is a downpour.  The drive slopes to the garage and water flows straight under the garage door.  I purchased a 12 ft HydraBarrier Ultra which covers the whole length of the garage door.  I love my HydraBarrier as I can put it down just in case the heavens open, and if they don’t I just put it away for the next time there’s a storm forecast.

I’ve attached a photo which shows my HydraBarrier in action! It’s such a great idea.”

Heavy Rain

“My patio collects water whenever there’s heavy rain and after a while the water starts getting in under my back door. A couple of times it happened overnight and my entire dining room carpet was ruined in just a matter of hours from just a couple of centimetres of standing water. I bought two HydraBarriers, put them around the backdoor and filled them up when heavy rain was forecast. They worked brilliantly and the next day I just emptied them out, folded them up, and put them back in the cupboard for the next storm!”

Power Washing Applications
“I’m a painting contractor who started using HydraBarriers about a year ago and can honestly say they are a big part of increased customer satisfaction. When we paint a house we typically power wash the house first to remove any dirt or other debris prior to painting. Often in the process of power washing, one of the workers would get careless around the doors of the house and would shoot streams of dirty water under the door and into the house. Many times, this dirty water would stain carpets, leading to unhappy customers as well as added expense for me, having to pay to get the carpets cleaned. Now, each of my workers carry a HydraBarrier and are required to place this in front of the door before power washing. HydraBarriers are so easy to use that it’s not a burden on the workers and has led to happier customers all round!.”

I run a small business which cleans driveways and patios by jet washing. This generally leads to quite a bit of sludge being generated and this often runs onto the road or towards the customer’s house. In the UK, it is illegal to let contaminated sludge like this run onto the public highway, so I would often spend as much time trying to contain the sludge as I would cleaning the drive. Then I heard about HydraBarriers and thought I’d give them a try. I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  I bought a 24 ft HydraBarrier Ultra which I put right along the bottom of the drive in a big semi-circle. Now all the sludge gathers against the HydraBarrier and when I’ve finished cleaning the drive I use a small pump to pump the sludge into a tank in my van and remove it with no effort and no mess.

I can definitely recommend this to anyone who uses a power washer for cleaning applications like this. (10/10!)”

Driving Rain

“I live in a cottage and when the rain lashes against the front door then water seeps under the door into my hallway.  I was fed up with wet carpets so I bought a HydraBarrier for my front door.  I have not had any wet carpets since my purchase!  I now always put one outside my door whenever rain and wind are forecast.”