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Why use HydraBarriers in place of sand bags?

Sandbags have traditionally been used to minimise water damage. However, they have many disadvantages, especially if the emergency is sudden and you need to react quickly:

HydraBarrier is the low cost solution to the problems
that traditional sandbags bring.  They are:

The HydraBarrier can be used for many different water containment and water diversion applications. For instance, driveway and patio cleaners are using our solutions to help when power washing by deploying them to prevent dirty water and sludge from running onto the road or entering the water supply. Learn more on our applications page here>

HydraBarrier® – The Eco-friendly Sandbag Alternative

The easy-to-use, durable, and reusable HydraBarrier solution protects valuable assets from water damage. HydraBarrier is an effective alternative to sand bags when it comes to spill containment and similar water containment and prevention applications. These water barriers are durable, come in a variety of sizes, are reusable, and can be filled when needed and emptied once used. This makes storing them a simple task.
Why wait until it’s too late
, order today a

Are you at risk from surface water flooding?

“I don’t live or work near a river so I should be fine!…Did you know, over 3 million homes alone, not considering local businesses,  are at potential risk of flooding. We all know the damage that rising river or sea levels cause, but even if you are not located near a river or the sea, you may still be affected by heavy rainfall, driving rain, burst water mains, sewer overflows and poor drainage.  

In fact, surface water flooding is increasing likely to become as common as coastal and river flooding in the future, according to the Pitt Review and the Environment Agency. Most property owners are unprepared as surface water flooding occurs rapidly with no clear warning.  The rain falls in intense bursts (we all know how unpredictable our weather is!) and the water cannot drain away quickly enough.  As pools of water accumulate, your property becomes at risk. The probability of these heavy downpours happening near you is increasing, as the climate changes. Urban areas are more vulnerable when the drainage systems struggle to cope and the water cannot drain quickly enough through impermeable surfaces such as tarmac and concrete.

It is these unpredictable events that put you at risk from water damage.  By keeping a HydraBarrier on hand for a water emergency, you will always be ready.  Easy to store and fast to deploy, the HydraBarrier is a simple way of protecting your valuable assets from water damage.

The HydraBarrier is available in four different heights in multiple lengths and it is extendable using a simple link system:

Standard: Offers up to 10 cm (4”) of water protection.  More information>

Ultra: Offers up to 15 cm (6”) of water protection.  More information>

The Link System is the easiest way to build longer barriers