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The Reusable Sandbag Alternative

HHydraBarrier BenefitsydraBarrier is the easy-to-use, eco-friendly, reusable sand bag alternative that will protect your property from water damage. These low cost, reusable water diversion products are easy to store and fast to deploy. Be prepared today. ClimaProtect's HydraBarrier can be the difference between peace of mind and thousands of pounds in water damage.

See HydraBarrier in action, watch our video

Easy Storage

Lightweight and flat packed for readiness

Rapid Deployment

Unpack, position and fill with water


No disposal headaches as with heavy, contaminated sandbags.


Empty, clean down and store for the next time.  Use again and again.


It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Unpack - Hydrabarriers weigh just 500 g

Fill with a standard garden hose

Place the Hydrabarrier where needed

Step 1 - Unpack

Step 2 - Fill

Step 3 - Deploy

Are you ready?

Local authorities have no statutory obligation to provide sandbags to you in the event of a flood. Instead, they recommend that householders prepare for potential flooding in advance and purchase their own flood protection.

Sandbags are far from ideal for this purpose as they are difficult to store and deploy. The HydraBarrier is an ideal alternative as it is flat packed, reusable and environmentally friendly.
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Instant Storm Protection


It is not just residential properties that are at risk.  Over 185,000 commercial properties are at risk too.  Average losses from storm water damage have been calculated at £28000 compared to only £1000 for a burglary.  You no doubt have a burglar alarm, but do you have a quick and easy water containment solution in place?  Find out more>


If your property is at risk from storm water damage, make sure that you’re ready for action. If you wait until the rain starts falling, you may not have time to protect your home. According to the Environment Agency, there are over 5.5 million properties in England and Wales that are at risk from flooding from rivers, sea or surface water.  That’s one out of every six homes, so it could be yours next.  Are you prepared?   Find out more>