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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering & Shipping

Q – How do I order ?
A – You can order direct from our Online Shop or call to open a credit account if you need to purchase again in the future.

Q –  How will my order ship and how long will delivery take?
A – All orders are processed within one business day of receipt.  Standard deliveries typically take from 2-5 business days to arrive. Expedited shipping is available as an upgrade, please contact us to discuss available options

Q – How do I use the HydraBarrier?
A – To use the HydraBarrier, simply fill with water, according to the How-to-Use guidelines

Q – How much water can a HydraBarrier divert?
A – HydraBarriers are designed as a water diversion device and as such can divert endless streams of water. HydraBarrier Supreme can divert up to 30 cm of water, HydraBarrier Ultra can divert up to 15 cm of water, and HydraBarrier Standard can divert up to 10 cm of water.
Please not that HydraBarriers are intended for moderate use and are sufficient for moderate to heavy rainfall or other sources of steady water streams that need to be diverted.

Q – Can multiple HydraBarriers be used together?
A – Yes, HydraBarriers were designed to work together to construct large barriers. Simply place HydraBarriers end to end to increase the length of the barrier. For optimum performance on long barriers it is recommended to use HydraLinks to securely connect HydraBarriers together.

Q – What happens if the water in my HydraBarrier freezes if used in the winter?
A – When HydraBarriers are used in extreme cold conditions, it is recommended that they be filled to no more than 2/3 capacity. This will allow for expansion if the water freezes. The cold temperatures will not have any adverse affect on the HydraBarriers material or construction, they can continue to be used over and over.

Tip: The water in the HydraBarrier can be treated with antifreeze to avoid freezing without damaging the HydraBarrier.

Q – How do I store the HydraBarriers when I’m done?
A – Simply remove the filler cap, drain the water from the HydraBarrier, clean down and store flat in a convenient location. The HydraBarrier will then be ready for the next time it is needed.

Q – Are there any special care instructions?
A – Yes, though HydraBarrier Standard and Ultra are made out of industrial strength vinyl and HydraBarrier Supreme is made out of Tarpaulin, they are not immune to punctures. Take care not to drag or place the HydraBarrier over sharp or abrasive objects.

Q – In the event that a HydraBarrier punctures, can they be repaired?
A – Yes, every HydraBarrier ships with a patch that can be used to repair punctures.

Q – What are HydraBarriers made of?
A – HydraBarrier Standard and Ultra are made out of industrial strength vinyl and HydraBarrier Supreme is made out of Tarpaulin.

Q – How much does a HydraBarrier weigh?
A – Empty 6 ft (1.8 m) Standard HydraBarriers are very light, weighing less than 1 kg. Once filled with water a standard HydraBarrier can weigh in excess of 27 kgs. 12 ft (3.5 m) Standard HydraBarriers weigh approximately 1.3 kg when empty and 24 ft (7.5 m) Standard HydraBarriers weigh approximately 3 kg when empty. See product specifications for more details.

Q – How much water can a HydraBarrier hold?
A – A full 6 ft (1.8 m) Standard HydraBarrier can hold 9 to 10 gallons of water. A 6 ft HydraBarrier Ultra holds approximately 47 Litres of water. 12 ft (3.5 m) and 24 ft (7.3 m) units hold 2 and 4 times that of the 6 ft, respectively.  See product specifications for more details.

Q – What other applications are HydraBarriers used for?
A – In addition to water containment and flood control, HydraBarriers are commonly used as anchors to secure possessions in windy conditions. HydraBarriers are also used for soil erosion control and water diversion when power jet washing is undertaken.  Take a look at some of our real life case studies.