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How To Fill Your HydraBarrier Standard / Ultra and HydraBarrier Supreme – Instructions

Just place and fill — it is really that easy!

  1. Remove HydraBarrier from packaging.
  2. Unfold the HydraBarrier and place where it will be used.
  3. Using the two plastic loops attached to the fill cap, pull filler cap from HydraBarrier body until it pops out, providing easy access to the spout for filling. Remove outer cap by unscrewing. There is a secondary inner cap that is removed by simply prying out with a fingernail or blunt knife.
  4. Once both caps are removed, fill using standard garden hose.
    Note : Use of inner cap is optional and not required if lost in the future
  5. Once sufficiently filled, pop the inner cap back in to place and screw the outer cap back on the HydraBarrier.

How To Fill Your HydraBarrier Supreme –

  1. Remove HydraBarrier Supreme from packaging.
  1. Unfold the HydraBarrier Supreme and place it where it will be used.
  2. Simply unscrew the black fill spout and fill using a standard garden hose. The HydraBarrier Supreme is designed with a fill spout large enough to accept a standard garden hose pushed inside the HydraBarrier Supreme. This can be convenient when filling 12 ft and 24 ft models as the fill time can take longer than with the smaller models.
  3. Once sufficiently filled, screw the outer cap back on the HydraBarrier Supreme and it is ready for action.

Keep in mind: Although HydraBarriers are constructed from robust material; they can still be punctured under extreme strain. Use common sense when placing near or dragging over sharp objects.

Optimal Filling – Guidelines

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Unpack - HydraBarriers weigh just 500 g

Fill with a standard garden hose

Place the HydraBarrier where needed

Step 1 - Unpack

Step 2 - Fill

Step 3 - Deploy