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Innovative Water Management

HydraBarrier  provide cost effective solutions to businesses for a range of water management applications including:

HydraBarrier diversionFlood Control

The HydraBarrier is the ultimate insurance policy against flash flooding. These easy-to-use sandbag alternatives can be deployed within minutes, diverting water in emergency flash flood situations when surface water is collecting rapidly. HydraBarriers are lightweight, industrial strength water tubes, used to protect property from water damage.


Whether here or abroad, emergency crews and military branches are easily prepared for flood threats, new construction, and farming projects with our light-weight, durable products.

Manufacturing / Industrial Cleaning

With valuable equipment and inventory at stake, manufacturing facilities employ our solutions for protection from storm water damage. ClimaProtect’s products will also aid in cleaning or power washing applications by keeping hazardous materials or dirty water from entering the water supply.  Contain the waste water until you are ready to pump or clear the water away.

Erosion Control

HydraBarriers are multipurpose water tubes that are key to an erosion prevention strategy. When the rain pours down, water can flow excessively and cause soul erosion.  These flexible water tubes can serve as water barriers that can divert storm water away from areas that are vulnerable to soil erosion.


Farms and agricultural companies can better protect crops and land from soil erosion and contain any fertilizer residue when washing crops with our extendable sandbag alternatives.  They can also be used to protect local rivers and streams from any runoff when it rains heavily.

Disaster Preparedness

Our products make the perfect addition to disaster survival kits. HydraBarriers are lightweight, easy to store water diversion devices that can replace traditional sandbags which are labour intensive and logistically challenging. The large Titan barriers should become part of your local flood management plan so you are ready to protect the local community when water rises as they are can be stored until needed.


With all the soil movement and displacement that takes place at construction sites, ClimaProtect’s storm tube products will provide an essential protective element to new properties under development by shielding vulnerable areas from this displacement.

Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.  Most products are available from stock.  

To purchase, you can either visit our online shop or contact us to apply for a credit account.